Commentary to the reportage in TF1


After the emision of reportage "Pologne : la liberté de la presse menacée" (Poland: Freedom of the press endangered) by French television TF1, I feel obliged to protest against the rumours that are being spread across the western media about the changes in Poland.
It is not true that new polish government is violating the rules of democracy in any way.
Polish public media like TVP1, TVP2, TVP INFO, TVP POLONIA , POLSKIE RADIO etc for last 8 years have become the tube of propaganda for previous government ruled by PO and PSL. No voices of opposition have been allowed to be broadcasted (and if so - it was more likely manipulated or used in bad intention) . All conservative reporters have been fired from work and replaced by loyal ones. The new government want to change the status of polish TV for two reasons. First, to be able to collect money for TV licence (because of bizarre status of national media that since 1992 have been national trading companies with no rights to collect money for TV licence). Second, to change the media status from trading companies to institutions of culture. The reason is to help national TV and RADIO proceed with educational and cultural mission (so they don't have to focus on how to rise the founds for the company).
As it goes for 'invigilation" act it is a 100% lie that new government have changed the low in a way that it makes invigilation any easier. All inscriptions about invigilation of emails, telephones etc have been in polish low since many years and been introduced by previous government of Platforma Obywatelska. New act is in fact making the whole procedure much more complex, so from now on the court will have to agree on lunching invigilation procedure and will supervise it from the start to the end. Just by comparing the acts (the old one with the new one) it is easy to notice that the changes have been made to protect the people from abuse of police invigilation, not the opposite.
The constitution of Poland is 22 years old and it have been written in a very specific period of time. Many things have to be modified to allow the country and it's government to better deal with reality of XXI century. From the experience of those 22 years, it is known that many things in polish constitution are so unclear or so unprecise, that they have been abused against the national interest.
I hope those few words of explication will help to see the changes in Poland in a bigger picture and to understand their real nature.

 Do góry